We are the leading provider of science education equipment, technicians’ essentials and laboratory supplies to schools. We are passionate about science education, and through a combination of inspirational teachers and our range of high quality, innovative science equipment we can help to inspire tomorrow’s scientists today.

At Acculab Ltd, whether for Early Years, Primary or students who are completing their Secondary and Further Education. We offer high quality, innovative products for all the science disciplines and these are supported by a comprehensive range of lab equipment that is essential in any school.

Biology Equipment

Our selection of biology equipment is designed to help you give your students a thorough understanding of the natural world and their own bodies. From human biology, genetics and inheritance and cell studies, through to planetary and earth sciences, we provide a great range to suit your curriculum.

In our range of biology laboratory equipment and teaching aids, you will find tools like magnifiers to help your students observe biological processes, educational materials including models, posters, CD-ROMs and slide sets, and much more. We maintain an extensive warehouse stock facility, so most orders can be delivered immediately, so you can order with complete confidence.

Chemistry Equipment

Acculab Ltd offers a fantastic selection of chemistry equipment for your laboratory, including materials, kits and demonstration sets. We offer a great selection of educational experiments, including complete kits which are designed to deliver complete lessons to keep your students engaged.

Chemistry is a fascinating and wide-ranging subject, and there’s much more to it than learning the periodic table – with the right equipment and worksheets, you can really inspire your students’ scientific curiosity.

Like all of our products, our range of chemistry laboratory equipment is chosen for its quality and affordability, and is designed to ensure that you have everything you need to meet current curriculum and exam board specifications.

Physics Equipment

Our selection of physics equipment is designed to ensure that you can find everything you need to deliver your full curriculum and give your students a thorough understanding of the subject.

From atomic physics to magnetism, light and optics to sound and waves, we havecategorised our product ranges to make it easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for, and if you need any assistance our Science Squad of experienced technicians is available to help.

From tools and measuring equipment to materials and samples, as well as educational posters illustrating relevant principles and theories, we provide a one-stop shop for all your lab needs. Our unique worksheet library makes it easy to build engaging and entertaining lessons for your students.